Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Spirit of Excellence.

People often use word Excellence or Excellent in their appreciations, sermons, meetings & conferences etc, ex: i) A cricket commentator sharing his view on a player who scored century in the match saying "He played superb knock and excellent shot selection, ii) A student received a reward and an appreciation from his Teacher "Excellent work keep it up".

I kept on hearing this word since my childhood and never had a thought of knowing and understanding the word Excellent or Excellence. One day as I was listening to a mighty man's sermon and then had a kind of stirring in the spirit to know more about Excellence and started to do the research. I thank that man who gave me the understanding of Excellence.

The Word Excellence or Excellent can easily pronounced and used orally, verbally but it is imperative to understand the essence of it.


Excellence is a not a quality, skill & emotions but a nature. Yes its a nature that can't be altered or modified over night it has to be developed and lot of work needs to be done. It simply means paying attention to the details and I call it as a spirit of excellence in other words a person with in you.  

Paying attention to the details:

Dealing everything from the root level and the process involves of Learning, Meditating & Implementing.

One must do all his/her personal & professional endeavors by paying attention to the details that helps to built and equip with more knowledge and understanding more we learn more we grow. The world today needs history makers and experts the time is now and young generation needs to move and make the hsitory. This can be happened with this excellence spirit. Let us be people with Spirit of Excellence.


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